June 10-14, 2020
Magic Sky Ranch Girl Scout Camp - Livermore, CO

Rakis: Class of 2020

Each year the Empire of the Iron Mountains presents a 5 day Amtgard event offering safe live combat battles, roleplaying, arts, food, and entertainment. This year we invite you to attend Rakis: Class of 2020. Everything we wished high school was — as imagined by YA novelists with an affinity for swords and sorcery. Build your schedule, impress your teachers, attend prom with your friends, and try not to create too many embarrassing moments that you’ll relive in nightmares for the rest of your life.


Magic Sky Ranch Girl Scout Camp in Livermore, CO. sits on 724 acres and will serve as the IMHS campus. That's about an hour west of Fort Collins and two hours northwest of Denver International Airport. The campus includes a variety of housing options, flushing toilets, and shower houses. The dining hall contains a full commercial kitchen and a dining area for 260 guests with large decks and a fireplace. The activity center provides classrooms for arts & sciences as well as a theater stage with outdoor seating. Potable water is provided by 7 on-site wells.

There are 5 large cabins with slightly more private sleeping quarters, living space, kitchen, and bathrooms which will be auctioned off to groups interested in staying together with access to more amenities. There are also beds in 4 smaller cabins available for a small fee. Tent camping is included in the cost of admission and will be allowed at marked spots throughout the site. The camp is ADA compliant. Attendees with specific lodging requirements should reach out to the event organizer for accommodations.

Senior Suites

5 large, year-round, cabins will be available for pre-purchase. Each large cabin is located near the main gym and cafeteria space, just a short walk from the main battlefield. Each cabin contains two large rooms with 5 bunk beds each, two small rooms with a single bunk bed, a private restroom, and a kitchenette. The in-cabin kitchen contains a stove, oven, refrigerator, and some prep space. These cabins can house up to 24 individuals.

Senior suites are now sold out.

Underclassman Housing

4 basic, seasonal cabins are available for pre-purchase. These cabins contain one large room with 6 bunk beds and 2 solo beds per room. There is a shared shower house and restroom between all four cabins. These cabins are located just up the hill from the large cabins, with easy access to the main gym, cafeteria space, and the main battlefield. These cabins sleep 14 people.

Buy Now

Starting the first week of April, small cabins will be available to Buy Now. This option means that you and your friends have purchased an entire cabin for the entire weekend. The Buy Now cost will be $100.


If you’re willing to gamble on the chance of getting a cabin more cheaply, attendees can wait until the Buy Now period ends at the end of April. Starting in May, we will be auctioning off small cabins, one cabin a week, until they have all been purchased.

I Forgot My Schedule

If planning ahead really isn’t your thing, you may be able to purchase bunk space in a small cabin on-site. If any cabins are left unfilled at the end of May, bunks will be sold for $5 each on-site.

Freshman Dorms

There are several camping locations throughout the site. Campsites will be first-come, first-serve. There will be a family camping area clearly marked on-site and on site maps. This area is for individuals and families who need a quieter area to go at night. Family Camp will have quiet hours enforced beginning at 10pm each night.

Physical Education

"Put me in, coach!" is something that you'll never have to yell here. We can't promise there won't be any whistles though. Our staff has a full schedule of games and tournaments for all students. If you're less interested in team sports, join the Assassin's Club for some clandestine extracurriculars. A full-sized gymnasium will be available throughout the weekend for pick-up games and ditching after dark.


Lesson 1: Dodge

It's time for everyone's favorite team sport, dodgeball. Rush to the middle and hurl death at your opponents, or play by your own rules and sneak behind that bully that won't leave your teammates alone.

Objective: Shatter

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Respawn: 20 seconds from death

Lifepool: 5 x number of players on team

Restrictions: No Sphere of Annihilation (SoA)

Gameplay: The field will have a line of SoAs through the center (1 per 5 players) that everyone can use. If you catch an SoA that was thrown at you, the player who threw it dies.

Lesson 2: Teamwork

Hockey, lacrosse, rugby, football, soccer, basketball? It could be any of them. Let's call it Hoclarugfootsocketball. Or not. We'll workshop it.

Objective: Score Goals

Time Limit: 20 minutes, pausing when scores are made.

Respawn: 30 seconds from death

Lifepool: infinite

Restrictions: None

Gameplay: A goal will be set up on either end of the field with a ball in the middle. Get the ball into the goal. One free hand is required to carry the ball, and players reset on every score.

Lesson 3: Endurance

We all have a clique, but yours is the best. They're the only ones that understand you, so you better work together to stay alive. If your clique falls, you'll be doomed to join the thoughtless masses. Nobody wants that.

Objective: Survive

Time Limit: 20 minutes

Respawn: 20 seconds or waves of 3

Lifepool: 1, then infinite

Restrictions: Militia only when a Zombie

Gameplay: Everyone will split into teams of 4 containing no members of the same class or level if possible. They will spread out along the field, and aim to be the last team of 4 alive. When a team is eliminated entirely, they become zombies. The zombies only goal is to eliminate remaining teams of 4.

Lesson 4: Agility

The best part of the IMHS lake is that there aren't any lifeguards to yell at you for running, and the locker rooms are private pocket dimensions. The swim team hosts a grand king of the hill game and you're invited.

Objective: Hold the points

Time Limit: 20 minutes

Respawn: 30 from death

Lifepool: Infinite

Restrictions: None

Gameplay: The field will be broken into islands of various sizes, surrounded by water. Teams must compete to hold different capture points to be scored at random timers by reeves. Players must be heel-toed or walk on their knees through water, and are fragile while doing so.

Lesson 5: Grit

Classes are finally out and it's time to head home, but the IMHS Mountain Gloats quiz team is heading to the championships and there aren't enough busses for all of you. Better fight your way on and secure your ride.

Objective: Capture all nodes

Time Limit: 15 minutes

Respawn: Instant

Lifepool: Infinite

Restrictions: Monks in sanctuary can not be within 20ft of uncaptured nodes

Gameplay: Defenders hold the center of the field and protect their spawn nodes. Defenders may spawn from any uncaptured node as long as an enemy is not within a short sword’s length away. Attackers spawn from two nodes located on opposite sides of the field. Game ends when all nodes are captured or time is up and then teams switch sides. If neither side captures all defenders’s nodes, whichever side captures the most nodes wins.
[Game Credit to Trent Nelson - GotC 2018]


Group Projects

Players will form teams of four and hope that they aren’t the person who has to give the oral presentation at the end. Teams will compete with limited gear in a ditch rules tournament.

Each team requires four players and has the following restrictions:

  • No more than one polearm or great weapon, which may not exceed 8ft, per team.
  • No more than two shields per team, only one of which may be a large shield.
  • No more than one long weapon per team.
  • All players must wield at least one melee weapon at the start of each match.
  • Players may swap/change equipment between matches.
  • Team Member Substitutions require approval from Tournament Runner/Head Reeve.

Chess Club

Presented by the Tal’Mare’Ra assassins guild.

The assassin game provides players an opportunity to display their prowess and subtlety. Players will be given a specific target and one opportunity to kill them. If they succeed in overcoming their opponent, they get one point and return to game-runners for a new target. If a player is killed, they respawn at the game-runners and do not gain a point. Extra points will be available for players who successfully kill high-priority targets or for players who complete volunteer opportunities provided by game runners. The game runs from dawn to dusk, Thursday-Saturday and ends Saturday at 4 pm.

Drama Club

Iron Quest

Welcome to improv night! If you thought funding was tight in the arts wing, wait until you see our stage. We’ll have to decorate the woods and hope for the best.

Iron Quest is a questwriting tournament in the spirit of ad-hoc cooking shows like Chopped. Teams will be asked to write a quest that includes specific elements over the course of 48 hours and run it for a panel of volunteers and judges. Teams of Quest Masters will pre-register to compete. Those Quest Masters then assemble teams of up to 6 members, to assist with planning, quest running, and NPCing. Teams will assemble 15-minute mini-quests, which will be run for teams of players and a team of judges. Both players and judges will score teams on creativity, ability to complete tasks, how understandable the quest is, and the team’s ability to use curveball items. Awards will be given for judge’s choice, people’s choice, and best overall score.

Art Class

Best of the Best

Come show off at the end-of-the-year Senior Art Show.

Participants will enter a single piece for on-the-spot judging and feedback by Amtgards craftiest and brightest. Come compete for a final blaze of glory before you go to college and become a much smaller fish in a larger pond.

Grab-bag A&S

We all know that Art Class is kind of a gamble. Funding is tight and materials are sparse. Fortunately, our generous parents and patrons have donated the remnants of their craft closets and thrift-store hauls.

Participants will be given a series of artistic challenges to complete on a time-limit, using materials donated by members of the populace. Entries will be scored based on final product, creative use of available materials, and adherence to challenge parameters.


Meal Plan

While Saturday night feast is included in event admission, you might get hungry at some other point. Magic Sky Ranch has an on-site catering service available. For $25 per person, 3 meals a day will be provided for Thursday and Friday and two meals will be provided on Saturday.


Saturday night feast will be provided by Great Harvest Bread CO’s Fort Collins location. 5 sandwich varieties, salad, and dessert will be available with vegetarian options. Come dressed in your sequins, your puffy skirts, and your poorly-covered acne. Prom photos will be available. Please reach out to the event runners with any dietary restrictions by May 31.

Packing Your Own Lunch

All food brought by attendees must be stored in coolers or cars. Feel free to pack your lunch but we don’t want to attract freshmen or wildlife. Please clean up after yourself every evening before bed.


You made it, this is the website! Pre-registration will run right here through May 1st. You can also use this website to buy housing, merch, and meal plans.

You made it, this is the website! Cabin purchase happens right here. For details and dates, please see the “Campus” section.

The Iron Mountains High School Bookstore is coming March 1st!

Nope. Rakis is very expensive to run and Rakis attendees have a variety of desires and needs for the event. By separating food costs from event costs, we can lower the main gate fee, give people options for feeding themselves, and continue to make the profit required to run future Rakises and Iron Mountains events.

For a couple of reasons. Feast-crats always seem to get the short end of the stick. They’re stuck in the kitchen for the whole event and have a job that can very easily go wrong. Additionally, the Girl Scouts are actively trying to sell this site, so they don’t want us using their very fancy commercial kitchen. It seemed like a good opportunity to test-drive a “pay for what you use” model as well as a less volunteer-intensive model.

Thanks for considering flying to our event! Denver International Airport is the closest and most convenient airport. It’s about 2 hours south of site. DIA is a United and Frontier hub airport.

Yes. Reach out to Brittany Lopez on facebook or at rakis@amtgard-im.com. Vendors have to present a plan for what they will be selling. In place of a vending fee, we are asking merchants to donate an item to the IMHS silent auction, which will be running all weekend. If this presents significant financial hardship, please reach out and we can figure out a compromise.

Probably not. We don’t want you camping in the parking lot or parking on the grass. There will be plenty of room in the main parking lot. You may park by the side of the road to unload your camp but please move your car when you’re done. If you have mobility needs, please reach out to Brittany Lopez on facebook or at rakis@amtgard-im.com, exceptions can be made. Any vehicle being driven in an irresponsible manner will be barred from the property, as will its driver.

The site has asked us not to bring pets on site. Service animals (not ESA or therapy animals) are allowed, in accordance with federal and state law. You know we can’t ask you much about your service animal but please don’t lie to us. It’s not cool.

Yes. Be cool about this. If you act like a child and a member of the crat team has to take care of you, we will ask you to leave in the morning. If you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to be responsible about it.

Marijuana is not allowed in public in the state of Colorado. Keep it at your hotel, follow all state laws.

From the site rules:

  • Site will supply all buildings with paper goods and cleaning supplies (exception: bath/hand soap).
  • Cabins are NOT supplied with any cookware, pots, pans, plates, glasses or flatware. You will need to bring these. We strongly suggest paper and plastic eating utensils, as there is only one small sink, which is not suitable for washing dishes.
  • Cooking of full scale meals in the all-season cabins is discouraged, as they really are not set up for that. There is a refrigerator, and an electric range with oven. Pre-prepared or simple meals are suggested.
  • Please do not move the cabin furniture except as needed for cleaning, as our floors are Epoxy and it leaves scratches. Bunks have built-in ladders on the ends. Please do not use the dressers as ladders.
  • Before you leave your cabin, ensure all water is turned off all windows and doors are shut, and all the lights are turned off.
  • Note: A significant cleaning fee will be charged to the Iron Mountains if we leave a messy facility.

Yeah! The Shower House hot water takes a minute or two to kick on, and generally requires at least two showers to be running to work effectively. If you run into any issues with the showers, please let an autocrat know.

Thanks, friend! All attendees will be given a large trash bag at gate. More will be available at gate throughout the weekend as-needed. Bear-proof dumpsters are located in the area across from the shower house and in the Trash Shed behind the Dining Hall.

  • Trash should be taken out each evening well before dark.
  • No trash, food, or scraps should be left outdoors.
  • Make sure you replace the locking bars and the pins that lock the bars on the dumpsters.
Please clean up after yourselves. The crats don’t want to spend all day on Sunday cleaning up garbage, that’s a huge bummer. Note: A significant cleaning fee will be charged to the Iron Mountains if we leave a messy facility.

According to the site staff it’s more like bear, singular. We have been assured that this shouldn’t be a problem. However, this is camping in the Rockies and you should do your best not to attract animals in general. Magic Sky is host to many different species of wildlife, including bears, moose, elk, mule deer, cougars, bobcats, lynx, rattlesnakes, and moose.

  • Care should be taken when hiking, especially of moose.
  • Don’t crowd wildlife, especially moose.
  • When you encounter animals that present potential danger you should very quietly turn around and walk the other direction, especially moose.
  • Moose pose a very high threat, see above bullets for instructions on how to proceed if you see one.
  • A Møøse once bit my sister…

We have rented the entire site! For safety reasons there are a few areas of the camp that are off-limits. These are:

  • The Equestrian Facility and horse pasture
  • The Archery Ranges, Rock-Climbing Wall, or the Ropes Course
  • Any road which is marked with DO NOT ENTER signs
  • The road to the main campfire circle
  • Any body of water. Swimming or wading in any body of water or creek is prohibited

Maybe! There are fire rings and camp circles in the main camp area. There is always a chance of a fire ban, we will keep you posted as we get closer to the event. Fires are allowed only in those areas already established, i.e. fire rings and campfire circles.

Note: Fire danger is closely monitored and fire bans will be in alignment with state and county mandates. The Site Manager may institute a fire ban on the property even if one has not been prescribed by state or county officials.

Only if they are in the immediate vicinity of fire pits and attended at all times. The site policies specifically limit any fires to these fire pits.

Make sure everyone drinks plenty of water. At this altitude (8,000 ft) it is very easy to become dehydrated, which in turn can bring on altitude sickness. Be alert for the symptoms of altitude sickness, which include headache, nausea, vomiting, and acute fatigue. If caught early, rest and hydration usually alleviate the symptoms. All water that comes out of the taps on site is safe to drink and we will have large water coolers set up throughout the site. If you’d like to be extra prepared, bring a reusable water bottle.

Any member of the crat team should be able to help you. However, Devin Reimers will be our head of security and Brittany Lopez is the autocrat. Please feel free to find them at any time with concerns.

Note: Make sure that you have plenty of gasoline before leaving Fort Collins – it’s a one hundred mile round-trip between Magic Sky and Fort Collins.

  • From Interstate 25, when you come to Fort Collins, CO take the Highway 14 exit (exit 269-B) and head west toward the mountains on Highway 14 (Mulberry Street).
  • Continue west on Highway 14 (Mulberry Street) until you come to Riverside Avenue. Turn right on Riverside Avenue (turns into Jefferson Street) and continue north then northwest.
  • Continue northwest on Riverside Avenue (which turns into Jefferson Street) until you come to College Avenue. Turn right on College Avenue (Highway 287) and continue north. On the north side of town there is a traffic circle, keep to your right staying on Highway 287 and continue north.
  • Continue north approximately 23 miles until you come to Livermore, CO. Turn left onto Highway 74E (Red Feather Lake Road) and continue west. Highway 74E can be found after you pass mile-marker 366 and there are signs that say “Red Feather Lakes” and “Boy Scout Camp” just before the turn.
  • Continue west approximately 17.3 miles to the Magic Sky Ranch front gate, which will be on your right. There is a big brown sign on the right at the gate with reflective white lettering “MAGIC SKY RANCH”.
  • There will be signs to site from the front gate.


Enroll now to make your sign in at the event as easy as possible. Day passes are available on site only. Children under 10 are free, but a meal plan should be purchased for them if needed.

Full Event


  • Full access for the entire event
  • Easy sign in at gate
  • Includes all scheduled activities
  • Includes Saturday night feast
  • Meal plans must be purchased separately

Day Pass


  • Full access for one day
  • Includes all scheduled activities
  • Available on site only
  • Saturday day pass includes Saturday night feast